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Announcing The Tax Educational Series of Videos

We are pleased to announce our new tax educational series of short videos that provide quick, need-to-know tax educational tips for the average person. Advanced Tax Solutions is a certified public accounting firm that is all about making tax accounting services easy and affordable.   Preparing your taxes doesn’t have to be mental torture.  Using a certified public accountant is the surest way to ensure that your tax work is done right, the first time.

Why You Need a Certified Public Accountant 

Whether you are running a huge corporation or simply operating a small business, it pays to have professional help in your tax preparation.  With the constant tax code changes and the endless pages of indecipherable text, going it alone or trusting your financial situation to generic tax software applications is a risky venture at best.

Hiring a certified public account assures you a number of benefits.

bullitEngaging a CPA includes more than preparing a tax return.  You are gaining a powerful ally who can answer even the most difficult accounting and business related questions.


bullitYour CPA can offer advice to maximize tax savings not only for the current year, but for future years as well.


bullitCPAs are required to complete a number of hours of continuing education every year.  This means they are current on all the newest accounting principles and taxation guidelines


bullitCPAs are forward looking and can be of great assistance to you in planning for future years expenses and revenue planning.


bullitWhen you have your taxes completed by a qualified CPA, they stand behind you even should you find yourself being audited by the IRS.

The advantages to using a CPA are endless.  Traditionally, people have viewed the fees they would pay for employing a CPA on their behalf as extremely exorbitant and only for the upper class.  Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact, often the average taxpayer will pay more in lost tax opportunities and third party tax preparation software fees than they would have had they simply sought out a qualified CPA to do the work.

Advanced Tax Solutions offers a free 1st time consultation so there is literally nothing to lose by talking with us.  Our goal is to save you money to the tune of paying for any fees we may charge and more.  You deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing your financial situation is in capable hands.  Make your free initial appointment today and start feeling peace during the tax season.

We Are On Your Side

That’s why we have created this tax educational series of videos.  Please check out all our informative and entertaining segments on our Tax Education Video Library page.

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