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Personal Extension Tax Filing Deadline

Wow, it seems like yesterday that you were stressing about filing your taxes, doesn’t it?  In all the stress and panic you opted to file a personal tax extension to put off the inevitable.  And just like that, your world returned to normal.  Quickly, you forgot all about those pesky tax filings, as you prepared for the joys of summer, vacations and such.  Unfortunately, time is a fleeting thing, and now you find yourself with the same stress filled situation as you had on the previous tax filing deadline.  Well, don’t worry.  We are here to provide all the information you need to know, but you better get cracking, you only have two weeks before the final deadline.

Personal Tax Filing Deadline

How Long is My Tax Extension Good For?

Ah, there’s the good news, at least it was good news back on April 15th of last year.  You have six full months to gather your documents, cross your T’s and dot your I’s.  Oopps, you forgot that part?  If so, you need to find some professional help, no not a psychiatrist, you need to find a great C.P.A. to get those taxes filed.  What can a qualified C.P.A. do for you?  Plenty.  To start with, it’s their job to make sense of all the instructions, rules and deadlines that are handed down by the I.R.S.  If you hurry, they can make short work of your impending deadline and allow you to again relax and enjoy life.

So, there it is.  You have until October 15th to either file those taxes yourself, or get some valuable professional experience on your side, and file them correctly.  That is the best way to avoid those unwanted I.R.S. Letters that invariably follow the DIY tax preparer.

I’m Not Sure Filing An Extension Was Such a Great Idea!

Personal Tax Filing Deadline

Well, don’t be too hasty.  Tax filing extensions definitely have a place in today’s fast paced, hectic world.  The reality is, many simply can’t compile all the information necessary to complete their taxes by the April deadline.  Sometimes taxpayers need more time to compile all the information they need to complete their return in an accurate and complete manner.  And let’s face it, nobody enjoys paying late filing penalties.

The point is, having a six month grace period can be an extremely helpful tool.  However,  if the only reason you are opting for the extension deadline is to hold onto your money a little longer, then perhaps you need to rethink your strategy.  After all, you are really not getting extra time with your money due to the fact that you have to pay an estimated amount of what you think your taxes will be.  For example, if you consistently owe the IRS money

If You’re Stuck, Get Some Help, Quick!

Regardless of the merits of tax filing extensions, the fact remains; you need to get it done.  If you are in a quandary as to how to get your filing completed, or if you just have questions you would like answered, why not give us a call at (801) 999-1340.  We can help you sort out the complicated forms and let you know how best to slay this extension dragon.

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